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about hook hall


X MARKS THE SPOT. It is where the hidden treasure lies. For us, that treasure is the magic of people coming together.

Situated in the heart of Washington, DC, Hook Hall is a traditional tavern and event space. It is a place you go to enjoy a cold beer and catch up with friends, or to find the latest epic pop-up experience. It’s a space designed to transform and transition throughout the day.

We have a stage that’s primed for local talent to impress, and our outdoor space – The Deck – that is second to none in the District. Choose a sunny day, pre-book your outdoor cabana, and gather all of your friends – you have memories to make at Hook Hall.

SUN UP TO SUN DOWN - OUR DOORS OPEN AT 7am, 7 days a week

As a traditional pub you’re invited to join us from sun up to sun down, for a hot cup of coffee in the morning while reading the paper or achieving inbox zero, to the midday meetings, and happy hour end to the work day. Swing by after your black tie gala to show off your fancy duds and have a night cap before heading home. Whatever you’re looking for you’ll find here at Hook Hall. If what you’re searching for is a fun place to hang with your friends or your kids, a place to unwind after a day in the office, a place to sit in the sun and write your memoirs, or a place to congregate and celebrate—Hook Hall is here for you.


Our promise to you is simple. Hook Hall is a place to celebrate all moments in life.

Come toast with us


We have a rotating selection of craft beers, classic cocktails, and supple wines.
Specialty cocktail nights will feature new favorites that might make their way into the daily rotation.
In the mornings, our coffee is always hot and strong, and roasted by the local team at Vigilante Coffee.